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Search through our collection for nuts, bolts, screws, washers, studs, rivets, pins and more. Find fasteners that are familiar, hard-to-find, or even obsolete.

Wide range of threads AND sizes: British Association (BA), British Standard Whitworth (BSW), British Standard Fine (BSF), British Standard Cycle (BSC), Unified National Course (UNC), Unified National Fine (UNC), Left-Hand Thread (LHT), ISO Metric (M), and more…

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This site is in its infancy so feel free to ask for your special fasteners on our Contact page, we could have just what you need. Our collection is HUGE, formed over decades by obsessive fastener hunting.

Quality old steel engineering, precision, and durability. Current collection imported from Europe and the US.

ONLINE NOW: Stainless steel

COMING SOON: Brass, bronze, mild steel, high tensile steel, spring steel, copper, aluminium, nylon, and more heads and threads. Follow Rare Bolts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to catch updates and keep checking our website for awesome additions.




Details  Maintain the integrity of your restoration project by using quality fasteners made for the job
Specialists in rare fasteners

Specialists in rare fasteners

Details  Tired of rarer threads being offered in only one or two sizes? We've got a competitive range of threads, heads, AND sizes